Corporate Photography –the catalyst for credibility

The images we create provide the following benefits:

You will own and benefit from the highest end professional imaging, propelling you to new levels of success. You will be visible and accessible to the world, matching the image, values and statements you want to convey to your customers and the public. Images of your employees, the face and hands of your company, provide visible evidence of your credibility and commitment to enduring quality.

What you are purchasing is commercial advertising quality art. The copyrights of the artwork are not limited or restricted. This gives you the ability and freedom to use the copyrighted material for a variety of uses, such as advertising, company literature, websites, social media, and public relations.

Lindy Powers Photography reliably provides, through the magic of staging, lighting, wardrobe, jewelry, makeup, coaching, playfulness, and the crew's collective artistic eye, photographs that transform our clients' view of themselves forever.

The photographs you will receive from Lindy Powers Photography are of the highest caliber in the world, and will propel you and your company into uncharted territory.

Lindy Powers Photography has been my best marketing investment. Lindy and her team are consummate professionals who work for hours to reveal your inner, powerful person. Lindy’s photos express an authentic vitality that jumps off the page. Within three months of posting my Lindy Powers photos, I was invited into a leadership position in an important business organization, and my following on Twitter went from 250 to 20,000! Now that’s what I call gaining traction!

Judith Lee
Social Media Specialist, Communicaiton Works Now



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